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Who is he?

A talented clarinetist, highly influenced by the "eminence of Jazz", he expresses and plays this renowned style music with charm and passion.

His musical eloquence combines mastery of the soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone and an irresistible interest in singing and scat.

His stage name is « Jos Wing »

Jazz music is popular. It must be accessible to all members of the public.    So without being elitist, Jos Wing gives jazz a modern expression.

His talent allows him to play all styles. It is generous to everyone.........

       Towards all musical tastes…     towards all ages…

Following the delight of fashion, passion and genres, he developed an orchestrated repertoire that judiciously combined styles:

(Rythms & Blues, Soul music, jungle, swing, tango,
rumba, Bossa nova, funky music…),

Rythms and tempos on jazz standards.

And it‘s always and without fail a hit!

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